Meeting notes for September 24th, 2020


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Only one thing from the team this week, and it’s just a reminder. The “Zero to Compliance” virtual event series that I mentioned last week kicks off next Thursday (Oct 1). It’s aimed at helping IT Operators in the Financial Sector accomplish their compliance and auditing goals with Chef automation, but is great for anyone in the Chef ecosystem. Register to join us !

This week’s releases

Chef Infra Client

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There was a massive Chef Infra Client release last week with a ton of optimizations and improvements, so take a look if you haven’t already. Thanks especially to @NaomiReeves , @pollosp , @chilcote , @donwlewis , @jasonwbarnett , and @jeremyciak for all of your contributions.

Chef Inspec

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We also had a bitty Chef Inspec release that included a bug fix for the junit2 reporter.

Other releases

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Cookstyle 6.18 also dropped last week, adding two new cops (ChefCorrectness/LazyInResourceGuard and ChefCorrectness/PropertyWithoutType) and some other delicious sides.


Chef Automate

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Greetings from the Automate team!

  • We updated the compliance profiles that ship with Automate.
  • Added name filtering for the secrets API.
  • We added troubleshooting documentation to cover large compliance reports.
  • Improved the Compliance suggestions for controls and control tags.
  • Made improvements for the installation and operation of the Automate services.
  • Separated the proto and golang dep management.
  • We upgraded the InSpec shipped with Automate to version 4.23
  • UI work is being tested now for the last 24h compliance reporting improvements

Chef Habitat

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Greetings from the Habitat team! Slow week as a number of the team are out

  • Investigating moving the Supervisor CtlGateway to grpc
  • NewScheduler is wired up to the WorkerManager. Next steps are wiring up the front end to add work the new scheduler can understand and working on a testing strategy.

Chef Infra Server

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So for this week, in the Chef Infra Server team we have been focussed on getting the Chef Server 14 release out.

Chef Inspec

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Hello from the InSpec team!

We released 4.23.10 this week. Changes in this release include:

  • Fixing a regression with junit2 so it now works as expected
  • A windows performance boost that now makes require 'inspec' about two seconds faster
  • Wider internal coverage of windows in our tests. (Whereas you won’t “see” this on the ground, we’re certainly proud of the increased windows stability we’ll be getting!)

We would definitely recommend upgrading particularly for that junit2 fix.Thanks and have a great week!

Chef Workstation

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This week we have been working on getting the Chef Workstation release out. We keep running into roadblocks and working through them. Hoping to get it done ASAP!

Sous Chefs

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apache2 8.5.0 has been released:
- resolved cookstyle error: spec/libraries/default_modules_spec.rb:8:7 refactor: ChefCorrectness/IncorrectLibraryInjection
- Cookstyle Bot Auto Corrections with Cookstyle 6.17.7
- Directly include Apache2::Cookbook::Helpers in recipes and resources by default
- config has now template_cookbook property to use an external template (thanks @limitusus )

In progress PRs:
- repo-management: Create stale.yml #42
- tomcat: Adds service_name , `service_template_local, and create action to tomcat_service #358
- percona: Add database and user resources #440
- htpasswd: Modernize and cleanup cookbook #41
- zabbix-agent: WIP: Make tests green #60
- keepalived: Chef 16 add provides to resources #119

We're also still working on cleaning up / importing the redguide cookbooks from last week.

We're hoping to get some issues tagged for hacktoberfest soon as well

Cinc Updates

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Hello from the Cinc Project!

Cinc Client:

  • 16.5.64 was released

Cinc Auditor:

Cinc Server:

Cinc Workstation:

We've also enabled multi-project pipelines on our "upstream" repos so we can do testing more easily

Other updates

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We published a fix to one of the Openstack cookbooks to work around an issue with 16.5 we discovered

Heads up, this may affect other folks as well:

lamont shared

I'm nearly done with remote ohai stuff (although its going to need a big performance pass afterwards to make it useful)

See you next week!

Okay thanks everyone! We’ll call it for this week. Join us in just a few minutes (coffee) for the #sous-chefs weekly meeting, too. It happens every week directly after the community meeting.

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