Merb and Rubygems on Debian, was: chef-server(-api) not starting on starting after fresh install

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 4:13 AM, Infor Mation wrote:

i had different results, it seemed to crash in the same place upon creation
of the chef.couch database, but failed because of a depreciated gem or
call.. "Gem.activate", I believe.

We haven't been shipping merb debs in a while, because it is upstream
now. The last time we did was around lucid, and I'm not even sure we
needed it there.

$ rmadison rubygems -u debian
rubygems | 1.3.4-1~bpo50+1 | backports/lenny | all
rubygems | 1.3.7-3 | squeeze | all
rubygems | 1.8.10-1 | wheezy | source, all
rubygems | 1.8.12-1 | sid | source, all
$ rmadison libmerb-core-ruby -u debian
libmerb-core-ruby | 1.0.12+dfsg-4 | squeeze | all
libmerb-core-ruby | 1.0.12+dfsg-4 | wheezy | all
libmerb-core-ruby | 1.0.12+dfsg-4 | sid | all

If libmerb-core-ruby is broken on Rubygems 1.8.10 or 1.8.12, we need
to start by reproducing it and finding or filing a bug against debian
to upgrade merb.