Outbound gossip distributor fails with "Address already in use"

I start up billmeyer/mongodb successfully and it returns hab-sup(GS): Supervisor ....etc. Then, regardless of whether I try :

hab start myorigin/mypkg
hab start myorigin/mypkg --peer
```hab start myorigin/mypkg --peer`

I get the same response from hab

hab-sup(ER)[src/error.rs:355:8]: Address already in use (os error 98)```

What have I misunderstood?

Hello Martin -

Running hab start starts a new Habitat supervisor that uses the default gossip port of 9634, and the default http port of 9631 unless you’ve specified alternate ports via --listen-peer and --listen-http.

To start your second package myorigin/mypkg, you’ll need to something like this:

	hab start --listen-peer --listen-http myorigin/mypkg 

Another way to run multiple packages is with the Habitat Director [0].

Cheers -

[0] https://www.habitat.sh/docs/run-packages-director/