Multiple tomcat deploy on machine cluster


Hi All,

I want to do multiple tomcat deploys in a mahine and then across a cluster
of machines,

Here is the requirement

  • machine A will have 4 tomcat instance and say APP-A run on tomcat1 &
    tomcat2 and APP-B run on tomcat3 & tomcat4 on server1

  • similarly server 2 will have multiple tomcat and multiple apps running on

  • I want to be able to search using knife on what application is running on
    which tomcat instance

  • undeploy and redploy the app ,

  • if required undeploy an APP-A from tomcatX and deploy APP-B there.

My solution

  • i have written one recipe for deploying APPx on server1
  • i read which tomcat instances to deploy the app using an attribute (
    that attribute name has hostname in it)
  • i deploy app there

For redeploy/Undeploy

  • For knife to search which app is running where — i don’t have a good
    idea but i am thinking of running a knife query on attributes and check
    appname and then the tomcat instance parameter

  • once i get the list i will change where to deploy APPX by changing the
    attributes value by passing json and then run the recipe on all the servers.

I think i am missing some easy piece of the puzzle, which can make it much
eaiser than what i am doing,

Please advise.