Need help to Automate SAP installation


I am new to chef and just started learning, well gives more information but its taking lot of time to go through each module and understand and implement.

I need help to automate SAP installation, Well SAP installation is distributed that means services were distributed over 4 different servers ( Central Server, Database server, primary application server and application server)

I have 4 different bash scripts which will perform SAP installation in silent mode and I need to execute these scripts on 4 different severs in sequence like script ‘A’ to execute on server ‘1’ and verify that script executed successful and then script ‘B’ to execute on server ‘2’ and again verify execution and similarly for other 2 scripts to execute on 2 more servers followed by verification.

How is this possible using chef, If I go through I feel its going to take lot of time to implement this. Can somebody please suggest on how to write recipe/cookbook with logic and tools what I can use for this task.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rohith,

Please write 4 cookbooks which includes four bash scripts, Configure push-jobs and Keep that four chef-client commands in a shell script or Powershell script depends on the OS of workstation. If you want to verify the status of each command then write exit code should match to zero then only next command should execute.
With single click the four cookbooks will run in four different machines with sequence.

Thank you Sunil for your inputs. I need more help, can i connect with you??