New Project to aide in chef struggles

Hello everyone.

My name is Virgil and I am working on a project geared specifically towards chefs. The purpose of the project is to find ways to assist a chef gain visibility and notoriety to a widespread audience, build connections among your peer, assist head chefs to pinpoint finding a chef that suits their kitchen, and any other struggles a chef may face. I have friends that are chefs and I hear them constantly repeat they need more forums or just one larger platform to have their craft seen. So I constructed a short survey to gather information from chefs everywhere so I can aide in the process. If you have a moment to fill it out please don’t hesitate as I am here to assist. Also, pass it along to anyone else that is a chef.

Hi vgray,

You are posting in survey in the incorrect website . This site is for Chef scripting tool queries/releases and discussions.

The Chef you were referring to is food, dishes, dining . The Chef we refer to is about software technology and is a scripting platform.

Do let me know your thoughts