New to Chef - How to install software from Shared location?

New user to Chef and wanting to commission a new environment to showcase power of Chef to the decision makers. We currently use DSC, but would like to move to Chef, and can see how I install Windows Features, but need to install software from shared location and not sure of syntax.

You would point to that location with the source property of the package resource:

package 'my software' do
  source 'source "file:////server/path/to/Package.msi'

assuming your shared location existed at \\server\path\to

Awesome. Yes it would exist. Just toying with moving to Chef or staying with DSC. Thank you for the prompt response.

I usually copy installs down to the node from a unc.


Under the hood, thats exactly what the windows_package resource does. It creates a remote_file resource on the fly and copies the software to the local chef cache.