No port 9462 or /etc/chef-manage directory

I upgraded a VM running Ubuntu to 18.04. It contains my Chef server. The Chef server version is currently 12.19.31. I am getting "502 Bad Gateway" responses on the web UI. It does not appear that port 9462 is open [ss -lntp|grep 9462]. Also, the /etc/chef-manage directory that is supposed to contain the manage.rb does not exist. I attempted to run both:

chef-server-ctl reconfigure


chef-server-ctl install chef-manage

The first did not change anything. The second did not create the /etc/chef-manage directory. How do I create the /etc/chef-manage directory and a default manage.rb? This does not feel like something I should hand create. It is the manage.rb that specifies the port that the opscode-erchef service runs on, correct? Or is this a rabbit hole and the manage.rb has default values and is not needed? Thank you.

Working again. The chef-manage-ctl show-config displayed an incomplete config, which pointed to a non-existent configuration directory. chef-manage-ctl reconfigure first asked for approving a large number of license agreements, then displayed a dismaying number of exceptions, but ended up creating and populating the missing /var/opt/chef-manage/etc directory. The chef-manage-ctl show-config now displays a much more complete config which included specifying the manage-erchef port. I rebooted and low-and-behold, the web UI now showed the proper login screen. Yeah!