Noah's Cookbook Releases for January 2016

I’ve put up a big burst of new cookbooks so I wanted to give everyone a quick overview of the highlights:

application 5.1.0

  • New resources application_cookbook_file, application_file, and application_template.

monit 1.0.0

  • Major release, converted to a wrapper for poise-monit.

poise 2.5.0

  • New property for inversion resources: provider_no_auto. Set one or more provider names that will be ignored for automatic resolution for that instance.
  • Support variables as an alias for options in template content properties to match the template resource.
  • New helper: poise_shell_out. Like normal shell_out but sets group and environment variables automatically to better defaults.

poise-javascript 1.0.1

  • Update for Chef 12.6 compatibility.
  • Update version list for nodejs provider.

poise-languages 1.3.1

  • Fix system package installs on OS X.
  • %{machine_label} is available in URL template for static download.
  • Automatically retry remote_file downloads to handle transient HTTP failures.
  • All *_shell_out language command helpers use poise_shell_out to set $HOME and other environment variables by default.

poise-monit 1.0.1

  • The initial release and a quick bug fix.

poise-python 1.2.0

  • Add support for passing user and group to pip_requirements.
  • Allow passing a virtualenv resource object to the virtualenv property.
  • Update PyPy release versions.
  • Make the python_virtualenv resource check for ./bin/python for idempotence instead of the base path.
  • Support for packages with extras in python_package.
  • Support for point releases (7.1, 8.1, etc) of Debian in the system provider.

poise-service 1.1.0

  • Added inittab provider to manage services using old-fashioned /etc/inittab.
  • Set GID correctly in all service providers.
  • Allow overriding the path to the generated sysvinit script.

poise-service-monit 1.0.0

  • Initial release.

poise-service-runit 1.1.0

  • Support for version 1.7 of the runit cookbook.

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Thanks for all the hard work

I love that you do so many that you have to do a summary email! Keep up the
good work and thank you.