Old chef walkthrough

The UI changed and i dont seem to see a thorough walkthrough like before, I wanted to run through a tutorial that will take me through setting up a chef server and configuring a knife. I cant seem to find it on the new learning site. Does anyone know if it exists or perhaps it there is a tutorial elsewhere i can run through.


I have this one.

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Excellent thank you, Ive taken over a chef server, Will chef work the same as before or are you guys completely revising it? i noticed some file names have changed, like knife.rb.

Thank you.

Regarding " Will the old information work for chef going forward " , could you please tell which specific module you are referring to and I'll check into it for you.

Regarding the knife.rb, it's new name (config.rb) and knife.rb are backward/forward compatible for now with config.rb being the recommended naming going forward.

Sorry i was trying to be discrete. primarily the module concerning manage-a-node-chef-server. I couldnt find a comparable guide on the new site. Im primarily worried about an integration issue with newer workstation software and the server.

I appreciate that. I am checking now.

Hey Steven, is there a chance I can check out the old chef walk-thru? I was looking for a link in this post but to no avail. Thanks!