omnibus_updater for windows?


How do people update omnibus chef install under windows? Is there an
equivalent of omnibus_updater [1] for windows?



Peter Donald

I’m looking for v1.0.8 which support Windows and don’t seem like it hasn’t been release yet? Supermarket is v1.06 and Github shows v1.0.7. Anyone knows how to get v1.0.8?

Actually, I have successfully upgraded to Chef-client v12.7.2 (latest) using omnibus_updater in Windows 2012 R2 and downloaded version is v1.0.7.

Two options:

  1. updated omnibus_updater cookbook is available in the supermarket now; supports chef 12.5.1 and older.
  2. omnibus_updater_windows (currently broken for chef 12.7.2 and newer; apply the six-line fix from omnitrucker.rb in omnibus_updater to resolve)
  • I use omnibus_updater_windows myself and aside from the above fix, haven’t had any issues between chef 12.4.3 and chef 12.7.2.