Omnibus v3.1.0!

Ohai Chefs!

I’m super excited to announce the release of Omnibus v3.1.0. This release of Omnibus has quite a few improvements under the hood:

Omnibus (and Ohai) is now lazy-loaded. The CLI is now 500% faster. The unit tests run in less than 2 seconds (including the new tests)!

Windows packagers, signed OSX packages, and new DSL methods!

All new CLI (BC compatible) that behaves like a real CLI! (And it has test coverage). Improved health check fixes, consistent deprecation warnings, and a full logger object!

If you find a regression bug in Omnibus v3.1.0, please let us know immediately by creating an issue GitHub. We tried our best to ensure BC was maintained, but the sometimes things slip through the cracks. We’ve increased our test coverage by over 100% with this release to help prevent regressions in the future.


You can get the new version of Omnibus by running:

$ gem update omnibus

Or update the entry in your Gemfile if you are using bundler:

gem 'omnibus', '~> 3.1'

If you have an existing project, you can re-run the omnibus generator to add the new mac/msi stock assets. Make sure you commit your files to source control before you perform that operation! It may overwrite existing files.

Happy packaging,