Omnibus v3.2.0


Ohai Chefs,

After 3 release candidates, I am excited to announce that omnibus v3.2.0 has hit the shelves!

Here is the high-level changeset. For a complete listing, you can review the full diff here:

  • Make build commands output during instead of log.debug
  • Refactor Chef Sugar into an includable module, permitting DSL methods in both Software and Project definitions
  • Refactor omnibus release into a non-S3-specific backend “publisher”
  • Add support for specifying a dir glob to the publish command to upload multiple packages
  • “Package” is now a public API
  • Generate a real omnibus configuration file (no more omnibus.rb.example)
  • Add a releaser for Artifactory
  • Add additional information to package metdata (such as shasums)
  • Remove uses of Omnibus.config and use the Config object directly
  • Add the ability to define multiple software_gems in the config
  • Add the ability to define local_software_paths in the config
  • Add the ability to disable git caching in the config
  • Omnibus.load_configuration now requires a file path
  • Add new API for loading a project - Project.load
  • Add new API for loading a software - Software.load
  • Add publish APIs for dirtying the git cache
  • Add test coverage for the “public” API
  • Add validation to source in software DSL
  • Add logging to the Packager class
  • Add functional tests for builders
  • Update generator templates to use the new APIs
  • Upgrade to Ohai 7.2
  • Improve YARDoc


  • Remove deprecated Omnibus.configure method
  • Deprecate Omnibus.config.value in favor of Config.value instead
  • Deprecate Omnibus.project_root in favor of Config.project_root
  • Deprecate [DSL] platform in favor of Ohai['platform']
  • Deprecate [DSL] platform_family in favor of Ohai['platform_family']
  • Deprecate [DSL] platform_version in favor of Ohai['platform_version']
  • Deprecate [DSL] build_dir in favor of Config.build_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] cache_dir in favor of Config.cache_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] source_dir in favor of Config.source_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] config in favor of Config (capitalized)
  • Deprecate Ohai.value in favor of Ohai['value']
  • Deprecate Project#install_path in favor of Project.install_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] install_path in favor of install_dir
  • Rename Config.install_path_cache_dir to git_cache_dir
  • Fix a bug in the deprecations where a hardcoded output was used instead of a dynamic variable

DSL Changes

  • Add with_embedded_path to software
  • Add with_standard_compiler_flags to software
  • Add package_scripts_path to project
  • Add builder DSL methods for mkdir, touch, delete, copy, move, link, and sync

Bug fixes

  • Fix a small typo in the project generator (come -> some)
  • Update sample software definition for libpng to 1.5.18
  • Improved logging output
  • Include Chef Sugar in both software and project DSLs
  • Documentation updates and typographical fixes
  • Change the generated omnibus.rb to use a default homepage that includes the protocol
  • Ensure that software fetched via the PathFetcher are cached correctly
  • Downgrade FPM to ~> 0.4 - FPM 1.0.0+ uses FFI to attach to some libc functions. This fails on RHEL 5 & 6. As we don’t need a bleeding edge FPM the easiest fix is to just downgrade to the most recent pre-1.0.0 version.
  • Always print backtraces when errors occur
  • Do not sent ldd/otool to the same file - first steps in allowing parallel builds
  • Only rescue Omnibus::Error when invoked through the CLI - this will allow other bugs to actually raise at the Ruby level
  • Refactor the algorithm for git caching to take into account overrides and missing versions
  • Remove nested git directories before incremental caching occurs
  • Intelligently parse the project’s homepage because Ruby’s native URI implementation is buggy
  • Fetch all software at the start of the build - this fixes a bug where a build would fail halfway through because of a tiny typo of GitHub outage. Now, all required software is downloaded before the build starts, lowering the feedback time for a failure due to networking issues
  • Use the fetcher’s version_for_cache method directly, falling back to 0.0.0 (and a warining) if no version is given
  • Require net/http, net/https, and net/ftp in the base fetcher module
  • Use -R, not -W1 on FreeBSD’s compile flags
  • Expand all paths relative to the project_root
  • Unset all Ruby, Bundler, amd Gem-related environment variables before shelling out
  • Various documentation fixes and updates

Potentially breaking changes

  • Merged Package and Artifact into the same class and updated API - this was considered an internal API so it is not a violation of semver
  • Use a common class for Omnibus exceptions - if you were rescuing Omnibus::Error, you might be rescuing all exceptions now
  • Use a cleanroom object when evaluating the DSL - prior to this release, Omnibus did not declare a public API. Project and software definitions had unrestricted access to the entire project.rb and software.rb methods respectively. This poses two problems - first, it makes it impossible to guarantee a public DSL API over a public (code) API. Second, it permits a developer to change the behavior of project.rb or software.rb accidentially, simply by defining a new method. The introducing of a cleanroom fixes both these bugs, however, it was impossible to know what was formerly considered a public API. Thus, it is possible that a previously-relied-on method is now unavaiable using the cleanroom. Please open an issue if you encounter such a case.
  • Remove mixlib-config - if you were relying on mixlib-config as a transitive dependency, it is no longer available
  • Remove the ability to use an overrides file - this was for internal use only and was never exposed as a public API. However, if you dug into the code and found it, it has now been removed. For BC purposes, the value still exists in the configuration object, but is essentially a no-op
  • Move project loading from INFO to DEBUG
  • Truncate platforms to short versions
  • All paths are represented internally as Unix-style paths - previously Omnibus would try to intelligently build your paths differently on Windows for the purposes of shelling out to the system. This proved to be unmaintainable and makes Ruby very unhappy in most circumsatances. As such, we have exposed the windows_safe_path method in the Builder DSL that will convert a string to a “Windows-safe path”. This is only needed when shelling out to the system.

There are a number of new and awesome changes, as well as some “potentially breaking changes”. Please review the changelog carefully and upgrade in an isolated environment first.

As an added bonus, omnibus-ruby is now dead! That’s right, the repository now lives at opscode/omnibus to alleviate any confusion. The old clojure repo has been retained in a branch for historical purposes, but is no longer supported.

If you experience any problems, please open an issue on the GitHub repository (

Happy Bussing,