On-Prem Builder Issues

We are trying to deploy a new on-prem builder and are running into a few issues - that we have resolved or just moved past but the scripts/files need to be updated. Everything on github I’ll submit issues for but what is the best way to get the missing package included in the latest tar ball.

Is missing the package below and stopped the upload process.
It was trying to upload core-sqlserver-ha-ag package when it couldn’t find the dependency above.

habitat-builder-artifact-store - now uses .default vs .local
export MINIO_BUCKET=habitat-builder-artifact-store.local

Is missing a section for

password = "<%= @password %>"

Is missing a bind --bind datastore:builder-datastore.default

start_api() {
  sudo -E hab svc load "${BLDR_ORIGIN}/builder-api" --bind router:builder-router.default --bind memcached:builder-memcached.default --channel "${BLDR_CHANNEL}" --force

TL;DR that bootstrap file is sometimes wrong and we’re looking into ways to make it better. The easiest way to get the dependent hart on your local depot is to download it locally (by installing from upstream) and then upload the cached hart from /hab/cache/artifacts/<PKG> to your local depot

Yes looks like the minio bucket config is broken - will issue a couple of PRs to fix that: 1) set the default config in builder-minio to habitat-builder-artifact-store.local; 2) set the bucket config in provision.sh correctly

PR to fix the bucket config (merged) - https://github.com/habitat-sh/on-prem-builder/pull/103