On-Premise Habitat Depot Packages Migration

Hi folks - a quick note on a change that we have made to artifact storage for the On-Premise Depot.

We have recently switched from using the file system to using a S3-compatible object store for storing package artifacts (.hart files) . For the on-premise depot, this store is a local instance of Minio (https://www.minio.io/).

If you installed your On-Premise Depot prior to this week (week of June 18th, 2018), you will need to migrate your packages over to Minio the next time you re-install or upgrade your builder services.

Detailed instructions for the migration are available in the README on the on-prem-builder repository

If you run into any issues with the migration, please let us know either via the forums, the Habitat slack channel, or opening an issue in the repository.


The Habitat Team

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