OpenNebula Techdays and Chef


we are organizing two OpenNebula [1] Cloud Technology Days in the US in

Boca Raton, Miami, FL (June 19th)

Fremont, Bay Area, CA (June 24th)

They are two completely free events, featuring a 4 hours hands-on tutorial
to build your own OpenNebula Cloud. We will learn about Virtualization,
Cloud environments, configuration management, networks and storage.

OpenNebula is designed in such a way that integrates very easily with
configuration management tools. Chef is broadly used among the OpenNebula
user base. We would love to have Chef people in the conference to push the
integration the to limits and share best practices amongs us.

In these events, users always learn and share users stories of their real,
production scenarios. If you want to learn about best practices about
Cloud, Virtualization technologies and OpenNebula, and take home a brand
new Cloud, join the event!

Also, anyone willing to speak of Chef in the
Cloud/Virtualization/OpenNebula context would be very welcome!


Jaime Melis
Project Engineer
OpenNebula - Flexible Enterprise Cloud Made Simple |