Openssl 8.0 cookbook released

Hey everyone,

openssl 8.0 is now available on the Supermarket. This new version adds new properties / resources and gears up for the eventual inclusion of these resources in the chef-client itself. Check out what we have in store now.


A new resource for creating a public key from an RSA private key. We’ve also renamed (with backwards compat) the existing openssl_rsa_key to openssl_private_rsa_key to better describe what it does.

New properties

All resources now include a path property for overriding the path to the file as well as group/owner/mode properties for defining the group/owner/mode of the generated files

New platform support

The resources have been updated to properly run on not just Linux, but Solaris, FreeBSD, and macOS.

Expanded testing

All resources are now tested in Travis CI on multiple Linux platforms. Local Test Kitchen configs have been updated with testing for Amazon Linux, FreeBSD, SLES, Solaris, and openSUSE. Integration tests have been updated to use InSpec.

Check out the new release and feel free to let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see before these ship in chef-client.