Opscode Cookbook Updated Releases 8/6/2012


We’re getting caught up on the backlog of COOK tickets and pull
requests. Please remember that we see pull requests that have a COOK
ticket in the “Resolved” (untriaged/unmerged) state sooner, and that
we do require a contributor license agreement for all
contributions0. When making a contribution, we ask that you
please do not update the version in metadata.rb, or the CHANGELOG.md.

We’re also working on a new project that will help with testing
cookbooks, which was (mildly) hinted by Bryan McLellan and Andrew
Crump on the Opscode Blog recently2.

We have loads of great updates to the cookbooks listed below,
including better cross platform compatibility, more flexibility, and
bug fixes. Thank you everyone who has contributed to our cookbooks,
this time around and in the past. You’re awesome and make Chef better!

  • apache2 1.1.12

Contributors: Eric Wolfe, Guilhem Lettron, Andrew Crump

  • [COOK-1436] - restore apache2 web_app definition
  • [COOK-1356] - allow ExtendedStatus via attribute
  • [COOK-1403] - add mod_fastcgi recipe
  • apt 1.4.4

Contributors: Guilhem Lettron, Hector Castro

  • [COOK-1229] - Allow cacher IP to be set manually in non-Chef Solo
  • Immediately update apt-cache when sources.list file is dropped off
  • bluepill 1.0.6

Contributors: Mike Fiedler, Andrew Crump

  • [COOK-1304] - support amazon linux
  • [COOK-1427] - resolve foodcritic warnings
  • build-essential 1.1.0
  • [COOK-1098] - support amazon linux
  • [COOK-1149] - support Mac OS X
  • [COOK-1296] - allow for compile-time installation of packages
    through an attribute (see README)
  • java 1.5.2

Contributors: Tim Smith, Jesse Howarth, Pat Collins

  • [COOK-1200] - remove sun-java6-jre on Ubuntu before installing
    Oracle’s Java
  • [COOK-1260] - fails on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit with openjdk7
  • [COOK-1265] - Oracle Java should symlink the jar command
  • perl 1.0.0

Contributors: Joshua Buysse, Eric Wolfe, Ash Berlin, Jeremy Bingham

  • [COOK-1129] - move lists of perl packages to attributes by platform
  • [COOK-1279] - resolve regression from COOK-1129
  • [COOK-1299] - use App::cpanminus (cpanm) to install “cpan packages”
  • python 1.0.8

Contributors: Frank Hoffsümmer, Hector Castro, Mike Fiedler, Rodolphe
Blancho, Viral Shah, Greg Albrecht, Justin Huff, whew!

  • [COOK-1016] - python package needs separate names for centos/rhel 5.x vs 6.x
  • [COOK-1048] - installation of pip does not honor selected python version
  • [COOK-1282] - catch Chef::Exceptions::ShellCommandFailed for chef 0.10.8 compatibility
  • [COOK-1311] - virtualenv should have options attribute
  • [COOK-1320] - pip provider doesn’t catch correct exception
  • [COOK-1415] - use plain ‘python’ binary instead of versioned one for
    default interpreter
  • rabbitmq 1.5.0

Contributors: Jordan Dea-Mattson, Sean Porter, Jon-Erik Schneiderhan,
Andrew Crump, Kevin Nuckolls

  • [COOK-1216] - add amazon linux to RHELish platforms
  • [COOK-1217] - specify version, for RHELish platforms
  • [COOK-1219] - immediately restart service on config update
  • [COOK-1317] - fix installation of old version from ubuntu APT repo
  • [COOK-1331] - LWRP for enabling/disabling rabbitmq plugins
  • [COOK-1386] - increment rabbitmq version to 2.8.4
  • [COOK-1432] - resolve foodcritic warnings
  • [COOK-1438] - add fedora to RHELish platforms
  • windows 1.3.2
  • [COOK-1033] - remove the libraries/ruby_19_patches.rb file which
    causes havoc on non-Windows systems.
  • [COOK-811] - add a timeout parameter attribute for windows_package

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