Recent cookbook releases


Hello Chefs!

I’m still digging through the backlog of tickets and pull
requests. If you have submitted a contribution, thank you so much for
your patience. Please remember to create a JIRA ticket and if you use
a pull request, link to it in the ticket. Also make sure the pull request
subject includes the ticket # so we can correlate and find things easier.

Read more about how to contribute to Opscode projects, including
cookbooks here:

Here are the highlights of cookbooks that were released this week.

apt v1.2.2

Released with:

apache2 v1.0.4

This fix is related to passenger_apache2, below.

Released with:

dmg v0.7.0

Thanks to Eric Saxby for fixing a couple issues in the dmg_package

Released with:

git v0.10.0

Jamie Winsor has been on a tear, updating cookbooks to better support
EL platforms. Thanks for this one, Jamie.

Released with:

passenger_apache2 v0.99.2

David Esposito fixed COOK-859 and COOK-640, which along with a change
to the apache2 cookbook, makes this cookbook work on CentOS. Also,
Nathen Harvey switched the install command to use --auto instead of
the hacktastic “echo |” that was used. Thanks guys!

Released with:

openvpn v0.99.2

Roberto Gaiser fixed the openvpn::users recipe, and made some
attribute improvements. Thanks Roberto. Also, thank you Bryan
Horstmann-Allen for some additional fixes in COOK-621.

Released with:

yum v0.5.2

Released with:

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