Pilot participant opportunity - deploy with ShuttleOps

Habitat User Community;

ShuttleOps would like you to invite you to a limited, closed pilot of our platform, featuring native Chef Habitat support . ShuttleOps will help you bring your code to cloud in minutes – while we’re still building functionality, our goal is to streamline application release tooling and automate patterns to help you build, deploy and manage your application in a faster, simpler way.

This Pilot will give you free access to our platform, and allow you to build deployment pipelines and deploy to AWS* free of charge for the duration of the Pilot.** The pilot will begin February 18 and conclude by March 27, 2020. You can participate as available throughout the pilot period.

In exchange, we want your feedback – about the platform, the user experience and interface, feature requests and gaps, and anything else that comes to mind during your participation.

We will be offering every participant who actively uses the platform, and then participates in a Pilot-user survey process, a $20 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for your participation and feedback.

Participation is limited to the first 50 respondents. Please send an email to pilot@shuttleops.io indicating that you’d like to participate.

Thanks in advance!
Team ShuttleOps (www.shuttleops.io)

*All ShuttleOps pilot participants require access to an AWS account.
**Pilot participants who are approved for participation in the Pilot will need to sign a simple short-form non-disclosure agreement related to their participation in the program.

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