Possible to exclude files from build?

After reading https://discourse.chef.io/t/habitat-0-13-0-released/271, I tried to set HAB_CONFIG_EXCLUDE="*.sw?,*~,*.bak,*.tar.gz" before entering the studio. But the resulting build just keeps adding all the packages I’ve been exporting. Is there a way to exclude them from a build similar to how a .gitignore and .dockerignore file work?

Hi @andyshinn!

HAB_CONFIG_EXCLUDE was added in 0.17.0. I would recommend that you upgrade to take advantage of that environment variable.

Thanks for the reply! I was actually using 0.29.0 (I forgot to mention). Is there an example using this somewhere? Maybe I am setting it incorrectly.

hey! Sorry for the slow reply - we are much more actively monitoring the slack channel to answer questions and provide support, which you can join at slack.habitat.sh