I am using the latest postgresql cookbook from Chef supermarket.

On a VM with server recipe applied I can use resource postgresql_user for example as follows

postgresql_user 'xldeploy' do
   host 'database'
   port 5432
   user 'postgres'
   password 'secret'
   database 'postgres'
   createdb true

On a node with only PostgreSQL client I cannot do the same. Provision will fail with

NoMethodError: undefined method `' for nil:NilClass

The error is in /opt/chef/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/chef-14.13.11/lib/chef/resource.rb:1303

# If an unknown method is invoked, determine whether the enclosing Provider's
# lexical scope can fulfill the request. E.g. This happens when the Resource's
# block invokes new_resource.
def method_missing(method_symbol, *args, &block)
  if enclosing_provider && enclosing_provider.respond_to?(method_symbol)
    enclosing_provider.send(method_symbol, *args, &block)
    raise NoMethodError, "undefined method `#{method_symbol}' for #{self.class}"

Am I using this resource the wrong way? Can it only be used on the PostgreSQL server? Not on a client?