Prerequisite online education for Chef Training Modules?

We are assigning the modules to some of our computer science college interns as an introduction to DevOps. But they are finding that it is too advanced. Can anyone recommend an online course that a student could take as a prerequisite to the Chef modules?

Hello! It'd be great if you could expand upon "too advanced." What are they running into that is confusing? What is it they are trying to accomplish?

To learn more about the theory of DevOps? the practice of DevOps? or about software built and provided by Chef (the company and community)?

A few initial thoughts are:

  1. Microsoft DevOps Resource Center
  2. Embrace DevOps

There are also several books I could suggest and/or other starter tutorials for various languages that might be helpful but I'm not sure if you're searching for class material, reading material or coding material. Hope this helps get you going.

Hi Stylus Eater,

Thanks for your reply. We had two computer science interns in our virtual summer program. The student (sophomore in college) who completed AP Computer Science in high school and was familiar with Arduino, Python and Java was unable to complete the modules. As she described it, she sis not understand any of the terminology and she kept experiencing errors and bugs.(As you cam probably tell, I am not technical!). Our senior in high school was familiar with HTML, CSS, Basic Javascript, Java, Basic Swift and iOS Development and she was able to complete the modules with very little difficulty. We were perplexed that our older student struggled while our younger student did not. We want our older student to be able to bridge the education gap( that we clearly didn't understand) and I was hoping to recommend an online course or tutorial to help her to do that. Hope that makes more sense.

Hi Robin

If your students who are struggling jump onto the chef community slack there are lots of people who can help them in real time with their issues, which in this case might be better?




Maybe Robin and her students should check out the Community slack?

There are also some older revisions of the tutorials located at the following link:

Hope that helps.


Really the only two things are some basic OOP/Ruby and an understanding of what you are hoping to achieve. A pre-requisite to DevOps is to know some Dev stuff and know some Ops stuff. What is it they are missing the Dev or Ops?

Hi Stylus Eater,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I have incorporated your suggestions into our prerequisite materials moving forward. Have a great day! Robin

Thank you Robert - this was extremely helpful!