Problem bootstrapping with chef vault


I am currently using knife bootstrap with the --bootstrap-vault-json
option. The problem I am having is that it intermittently (actually, quite
often) fails to add the new node to the vault, due to the delay in indexing
nodes, and then the run fails.

I am trying to think of ways around this. Previously an option would have
been bootstrapping with an empty runlist, then refreshing the vault, then
re-bootstrapping with the desired runlist (as in Joshua’s blog
However, that won’t work because the second bootstrap (with recent chef
clients) resets the client pem.

Ideally I could add the specific node/client being bootstrapped to the

Any ideas?


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What version of the server are you on?

If you’re on CS 12.x, search uses Solr4 with a soft commit every 1s (by default). If you’re on CS 11.x, you can tune the solr commit time, but it might be worth upgrading so you can take advantage of the soft commit feature in Solr 4.

I’m using Hosted Chef, and chef client 12.5.1.


Probably worth contacting Chef support for this one. I’d expect service degradation resulting in (drastic) index time increases to be more infrequent than what you apparently are experiencing.