Problem when knife ssl fetch

Trying to configure knife ssl fetch with "knife configure" but got an error code

ERROR: CONFIGURATION ERROR:Unable to parse Credentials file: /root/.chef/credentials
parse error on value "path" (IDENTIFIER)

Not sure if there is any setting i miss?

This is my credential file

client_name = 'David'
client_key = '/root/chef-repo/.chef/davidct.pem'
chef_server_url = 'http://localhost/organization/jabiltpe'
cookbook path = ['~/chef-repo/cookbooks']

anyone who have any idea ? or any other information needed ?

Where is your credential file?

Is it in /root/.chef/credentials? That is where knife is looking for it.

If it is, are you the root user when you run knife? You should be.

Otherwise, if you want it to read your credentials file, then you should run knife while you are in /root/chef-repo , just above .chef and you should have the unix permissions necessary to read any files there.

See Set Up Chef Workstation