Problems getting chef-solo-search and vagrant working


I am trying to get some private ssh keys setup using chef-solo-search. I however cannot get a chef to run without an error.

Here is my run log :

I notice that when I SSH into the vagrant box after the failed run, that /tmp/vagrant-chef-1/chef-solo-1/cookbooks/chef-solo-search/libraries is missing the other files found in the libraries folder found in the github version of the book (

I am little iffy on the directions found with chef-solo-search, but it seems the libraries folder is missing the items and thats my problem? But I’m not sure what to do as I believe berkshelf handles the download and copy over the virtual box.

Also, is chef-solo-search still the cookbook to use in this circumstance or should I go about this with another solution? I notice that their haven’t been any commits in a few months and it seems there are some old pull requests. I see my same basic issue is logged as well –

Vagrant version 1.2.2
Berkshelf (2.0.5)
Chef: 11.4.0