Python cookbook

Can anyone point me in the right direction:

I've been using this cookbook, and i've set
an override attribute for a later version for python. I've also tried to
set the setuptools version to match the python version but no
luck...HOWEVER, when I build from package, it installs everything fine, but
the wrong version.


'python' => {

'version' => '3.4.1',

'install_method' => 'source'


) *
remote_file[/var/chef/cache/Python-3.4.1.tgz] action create - create new file
/var/chef/cache/Python-3.4.1.tgz - update content in file
/var/chef/cache/Python-3.4.1.tgz from none to 8d007e (file sizes exceed 10000000 bytes, diff
output suppressed) - change mode from '' to '0644' * link[/usr/local/bin/python] action create - create symlink at /usr/local/bin/python
to /usr/local/bin/python3.4 Recipe: python::pip * cookbook_file[/var/chef/cache/]
action create - create new file /var/chef/cache/ - update content in file
/var/chef/cache/ from none to 415b4d (long diff of over 1000000 characters,
diff output suppressed) - change mode from '' to '0644' * execute[install-pip] action run - execute /usr/local/bin/python * python_pip[setuptools] action upgrade Error
executing action upgrade on resource 'python_pip[setuptools]' Errno::ENOENT ------------- No such
file or directory - pip list Cookbook Trace: ---------------
`load_current_resource' Resource Declaration: --------------------- # In
/var/chef/cache/cookbooks/python/recipes/pip.rb 50: python_pip 'setuptools' do 51: action :upgrade 52: version
node['python']['setuptools_version'] 53: end Compiled Resource: ------------------ # Declared in
/var/chef/cache/cookbooks/python/recipes/pip.rb:50:in `from_file' python_pip("setuptools") do action [:upgrade] retries 0 retry_delay 2 guard_interpreter :default cookbook_name "python" recipe_name "pip" version "3.4.1" package_name "setuptools" end Running handlers: [2014-08-11T19:59:19+00:00] ERROR: Running
exception handlers Running handlers complete [2014-08-11T19:59:19+00:00] ERROR: Exception
handlers complete [2014-08-11T19:59:19+00:00] FATAL: Stacktrace
dumped to /var/chef/cache/chef-stacktrace.out Chef Client failed. 18 resources updated in
393.998412496 seconds [2014-08-11T19:59:19+00:00] ERROR:
python_pip[setuptools] (python::pip line 50) had an error: Errno::ENOENT:
No such file or directory - pip list [2014-08-11T19:59:19+00:00] FATAL:
Chef::Exceptions::ChildConvergeError: Chef run process exited
unsuccessfully (exit code 1)

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