RE: Getting a Deprecated warning message

The warning probably has been there for a while, but they used to be displayed inline, and usually scrolled off the screen before you could see it. In the latest version of chef client, these warnings are collected and presented at the end of the run to make them more visible.

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From:Anthony Kong
Sent: Thursday 8th October 2015 17:07
Subject: [chef] Getting a Deprecated warning message

Hi all,

When I vagrant up a box today, I got this warning message. It seems to have come from yum_globalconfig

==> Server-003: Deprecated features used!

==> Server-003: Cannot specify both default and name_property together on property path of resource yum_globalconfig. Only one (name_property) will be obeyed. In Chef 13, this will become an error. at 1 location:

==> Server-003: - /var/chef/cache/cookbooks/yum/resources/globalconfig.rb:76:in `class_from_file

==> Server-003: version nil currently does not overwrite the value of version. This will change in Chef 13, and the value will be set to nil instead. Please change your code to explicitly accept nil using “property :version, [MyType, nil]”, or stop setting this value to nil. at 3 locations:

==> Server-003: - /var/chef/cache/cookbooks/python/recipes/pip.rb:52:in `block in from_file

==> Server-003: - /var/chef/cache/cookbooks/python/recipes/virtualenv.rb:25:in `block in from_file

==> Server-003: - /var/chef/cache/cookbooks/python/providers/pip.rb:98:in `load_current_resource

Is there anything I need to do?