Re: Problem installing (SOLVED)


Hi again,

I finally solve my strange installing problem, The base systems (I was
tested with all active versions) was installed in spanish language. I
install a fresh ubuntu in english and then… Install with gems works
perferct (8.10) (same source.list, strange).

Thanks for the support

José Luis

2009/3/18 Benjamin Black

already fixed:

sorry you hit this, jose!


On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Bryan McLellan

2009/3/18 José Luis Gordo Romero

route -n | grep default | awk '/ +/ {print $8} don’t print nothing (-n
convers default no, this can be the problem now?

Woop. That’s a bug in HEAD. You’re right.

We’ll take care of that.