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Thanks for the prompt answer Bryan.

I feel that you are subject matter expert in this question. Can you please advice me on how to change run time for windows service? From 30 minutes to any number of minutes. At the moment I am using registry change and just adding -i (interval) and -s (splay) for service start parameters.

I feel it's not the best way though. I was adviset to use chef-client cookbook in the past. But I wasn't able to manage it successfuly. Always 30 minutes...

Thank you in advance for your support.



19 лют. 2015 15:34, користувач Bryan McLellan <> написав:

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 7:49 AM, <> wrote:
Is there a way to bootstrap windows node and initially set up chef-client to be run as a service?

Without running “chef-service-manager -a install” and “chef-service-manager -a start” on node side afterwards.

No there is not. In the past we’ve recommended doing that with a cookbook on the initial run, because there are so many ways to do it on other platforms it doesn’t make sense to add them all to the core client. However, that logic is built into the MSI, and Windows really only has one common way to do it. I’ve created an issue for that consideration: Of course, you can use the chef-client::windows_service recipe [1] to enable the service for you on the first run currently.