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The ones that are returning have a run list that is just the recipe, the ones that aren’t returning that I’m trying to get working with roles, have the role in the run_list. If I do re*:dev* I get the same list, making me think it might be recipe but recipe*:dev* returns nothing as does recipe:dev*.

What do the run lists of theses nodes look like? r* could expanding to “roles” which will show you all the roles used on the last chef-client run, even those that were nested, while “role” will only show roles directly in the run list.

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Soula, William <> wrote:
Thank you for the help. I am new to this and can’t really tell what is going on. My maxFieldLength in /var/lib/chef/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml is 100,000,000 so I am probably not hitting that defect. Just to make sure I rebuilt the index and still was not able to find the servers with winrm.


Very likely that some information from your windows servers is not being indexed due to this bug.

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I have figured out a way to get some kinda search results back from winrm. If I enter r*:dev* then it returns me some servers and says failed to authenticate to [“r*:dev*”] but if I enter role:dev* then nothing is returned. What is r* expanding to if it isn’t role? How can I better debug this problem? I am already using -V -V to get the most verbose logging.

Title: Re: knife winrm roles
Yeah I noticed that -m was prob not what I wanted but without the -m it says no node returned from search. Also I apologize if several copies of this problem have been emailed to the mailing list, my company hasn’t been recieving outbound emails today/last afternoon.

Title: knife winrm roles
-m says that the query is a manual list not a query…

So in your example below is trying to connect to a server named role:mobi.GIS

If you want it to execute a query for the servers to run against, simply leave out the -m…

I will update the WIKI

On Thu, 2012-03-29 at 13:38 -0700, Soula, William wrote:
This page:

Says this:
The winrm subcommand allows you to invoke commands in parallel on a subset of the nodes in your infrastructure. The winrm subcommand uses the same syntax as the search subcommand; you could could find the uptime of all your web servers using the command:

% knife winrm “role:web” “net stats srv” -m -x Administrator -P ‘super_secret_password’

But when I run this in dos:
C:\SVN\Core\tool-chef-repo>knife winrm “role:mobi.GIS” “ipconfig” -m -x [localadmin] -P [password]

I get this error:
ERROR: URI::InvalidURIError: the scheme http does not accept registry part: role:mobi.GIS:5985 (or bad hostname?)

But this command works:
C:\SVN\Core\tool-chef-repo>knife search node role:mobi.GIS

Any ideas why the winrm command for me is not searching like the search command?