Re: reg chef dependency package

First, please try to understand previous answers.

For this specific case adding depends will not run any recipe automatically.

You have to add include_recipe calls in your recipe to call them.

If I remember correctly you have to add

Include_recipe 'mysql::server'

Include_recipe 'nfs'

With cookbook::recipe you call this recipe specifically, without a recipe (nfs in my exemple) chef will call the default recipe for this cookbook.

Once again, you're struggling for a while with this, Icon understand it's not easy, but you show no efforts on research and never talk about your search try. It is looking like you're waiting professional support for free and it's a little offensive for peoples on this list.

Le 25 déc. 2014 12:46, Indra k <> a écrit :

Hi all,
     I have installing kaltura package through cookbook ,I need mysql and nfs server package  for db configuration of that kaltura,

IN metadata.rb of that cookbook,its like this

suggests 'nfs'

suggests 'mysql'

I have modify in that cookbook as,since i need to install kaltura alone,by default it will install dependencies when we give like this:

depends 'mysql'

depends 'nfs'

depends 'ntp'

suggests 'nfs'

suggests 'mysql'

Then in recipe of kaltura cookbook also there is:

package "mysql-server" do

action :install


execute "configure kaltura-mysqlsettings " do

command "/opt/kaltura/bin/"


Now when i run kaltura cookbook,by passing mysql attributes in json file for mysql cookbook,It runs kaltura and not installing a server package after executing mysql-server package of kaltura cookbook resource ,it gets install and set password by default "admin123"

If it runs depends means it didnot install mysql-server package and didnot override password ?Can anyone have idea?

Thanks& regards,Indu k