Reg chef dependency package


Hi all,
I have installing kaltura package through cookbook ,I need mysql and nfs server package for db configuration of that kaltura,
IN metadata.rb of that cookbook,its like this
suggests 'nfs’
suggests 'mysql’
I have modify in that cookbook as,since i need to install kaltura alone,by default it will install dependencies when we give like this:
depends 'mysql’
depends 'nfs’
depends ‘ntp’

suggests 'nfs’
suggests ‘mysql’

Then in recipe of kaltura cookbook also there is:
package “mysql-server” do
action :install
execute "configure kaltura-mysqlsettings " do
command "/opt/kaltura/bin/"

Now when i run kaltura cookbook,by passing mysql attributes in json file for mysql cookbook,It runs kaltura and not installing a server package after executing mysql-server package of kaltura cookbook resource ,it gets install and set password by default “admin123”

If it runs depends means it didnot install mysql-server package and didnot override password ?Can anyone have idea?

Thanks& regards,Indu k