RE: Service statement bug in recipe when running on SuSe..?


I believe it is a problem in the /etc/init.d/chef-client script.
OpsCode doesn’t have one for SuSe so we used /etc/init.d/skeleton
(SuSe’s template for init.d scripts) and retrofitted it for the
chef-client. It utilizes /sbin/startproc and startproc tests to see if
the process is already running before trying to start it. It has an -i
option for ignoring a specified pid in a pidfile. However, that is the
inverse of what I need.

Oh well, back to the drawing board for a chef-client init.d script for
SuSe. Anyone out there have one??

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On 2011-09-16 09:24:19, Van Fossan,Randy wrote:

Running the cookbook via chef-solo to start the chef-client service
works like a champ. Just cannot do it via chef-client running on the
command line on SuSe…

“run_list”: [ “recipe[ravchef::default]” ] }

Sorry, I am will not be a further help then. Btw, I meant to say that I
only used chef-solo.


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