RE: What is this recipe 'monitor::redis'?

These aren’t stupid questions at all. I see you already got an answer to most of your question, but one more point: recipes really can’t stand alone; ALL recipes are part of cookbooks. Your life will probably become easier if you think in terms of cookbooks as the main entity.

In this example, if you search, you would find a cookbook named monitor; you would not find a recipe named redis (although the readme for the monitor cookbook will usually mention it, and I think the search may be smart enough to give you the monitor cookbook if you do search for redis).

You can think of a cookbook as a namespace, although that’s probably not the best analogy. If you come from the programming side, recipes are basically source files, and cookbooks are like modules made up of several source files.

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Subject: [chef] What is this recipe ‘monitor::redis’?

Hi all,

I hope it is not a stupid question, but it is extremely hard to google the answer due to noise in search result

Here is the vagrant file:

In the file you will see these settings:

chef.add_recipe "monitor::master"
chef.add_recipe "monitor::redis"
chef.add_recipe "monitor::rabbitmq"

I want to know

  1. Does ‘monitor::xxx’ has any special meaning here? Does it mean a redis recipe under a namespace ‘monitor’?

  2. where are these recipes stored? I went to the but there is not search functionality in the website. I visited but it is not obvious to me which one is a recipe repository

Any pointer is appreciated

Cheers, Tony