Recommended workflow for developing config templates

What is the recommended workflow for developing config templates?

If I edit some handlebar code in a config file, my current workflow is

  1. hab studio enter
  2. build
  3. hab svc load origin/package
  4. sl (check output for config syntax errors)
  5. cat loaded config file to see how it’s rendered.

There must be a better way though.

There are some other ways to handle this. Steps 1, 2, and 3are correct. But once you’ve got a sane compile and your service is running, the easier thing to do is to use the --config-from flag to allow you to iterate on the package without having to recompile etc. I’d take a look here some other folks may have other ideas around this as well but --config-from will at least allow you to change the config without rebuilding etc.

That’s what I needed!

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