Reload attributes file


I’m attempting to make one of my attributes files a little bit more dynamic
based on an attribute set in another cookbook::recipe. On the very first
chef-client run on a node this doesn’t work since the value hasn’t been set
yet. I understand why it doesn’t work because of the compile/execute
phases, but thought I had seen a previous mail that provided a workaround
but not able to find it in the archives.

Basically, I’d like to have the yum attributes file re-executed when the
yum cookbook is run so it would then have the value for
Any help would be appreciated.

node run_list: “recipe[chef]”, “reciipe[yum]”

Chef cookbook recipe (the mrepo url is generated since it is different for
each environment):

node.set.chef.mrepo_url = "https://

In the yum cookbook attributes file:
node[‘yum’][‘redhat5.5’][‘base_url’] = node[:chef’][:mrepo_url].to_s +