Renovated Delivery tutorial -- in beta now!

Hi all,

We have updated the Delivery tutorial in Learn Chef to greatly simplify the install and setup experience. The tutorial is now in beta and we would love to have your feedback.

If you do have the opportunity to try it out, please reply to the in-line survey questions (there are only a few) as you progress through the tutorial. Your feedback helps us whip up more delight!


Can you provide clarification of the license terms in section 5 of the license?

Specifically: Does section 5.1.2 apply to Delivery (up to 25 nodes) or only section 5.1.1, 30 days?


Hi JP,

I’ve asked our legal counsel to clarify for us as the language in the licensing agreement is more directly applicable to Chef Server.

I can tell you that the Delivery license key available for use in the tutorial is temporary and expires after 45 days. Hopefully that helps!


Hi Rob,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. I see this post was withdrawn – does that mean you have resolved the issue?

If not, can you tell us which region you are working in so we can try to reproduce?


Thanks for following up, Megan!

You may be unsurprised to learn that I was hitting the wrong IP. Sorry for the mixup.



Megan, I’m in the process of learning Chef. I’ve completed all the tutorials and am now starting the Delivery tutorial. I’m concerned with the template that get’s built on AWS. Those instances are out of the “free 12 month tier”. I don’t have the hardware to build six VMs on my own equipment.

What are my options to get through the Delivery tutorial without incurring any charges on AWS?

Hi there – I’m afraid the only opportunities we provide today for learning Delivery is via the tutorial in AWS or on-prem using your own infrastructure. We are hoping to develop more of an “in-browser” experience next quarter.


Thanks Megan. I look forward to that option.