[RESOLVED] Creating cookbook

i tried to create a cookbook in chef by using “knife cookbook create” command .It showed knife cookbook create has been removed please use “chef generate cookbook” from the chefDk. even after using the new command am unable to create a cookbook please help me out of this issue.

you can use

Chef generate cookbook yourcookbooknane

thanks for ur reply i used this command “chef generate cookbook cookbookname” but still its throwing an error.

Can you show me the error

Screenshot (205)

Can you share the output of

chef --version

Screenshot (207)

I think you may have downloaded the Chef Client by itself instead of the full ChefDK. I think this because the newest version of ChefDK ships with Chef Client 13.4.19, but you have an even newer version - 13.4.22.

You can use this command to download and install the latest stable ChefDK:

wget https://packages.chef.io/files/stable/chefdk/2.3.1/debian/8/chefdk_2.3.1-1_amd64.deb && dpkg -i chefdk*.deb

i tried using this command but still it throws me the same error

Try to install from beginning

i got my issue resolved thank u.