[RESOLVED] Kitchen converge with dependencies failing

I am following chef tutorials to setup LAMP stack but when I do a kitchen converge I get

Class: Kitchen::ActionFailed
Message: 1 actions failed.
Failed to complete #converge action: [Unable to satisfy the following

  • httpd (~> 0.4) required by lamp-0.1.0
    Unable to find a solution for demands: lamp (0.1.0)] on default-ubuntu-1404

Please see .kitchen/logs/kitchen.log for more details
Also try running kitchen diagnose --all for configuration

I followed the tutorials as it is , the only difference is my berksfile has
source 'http://supermarket.chef.io' instead of source 'https://supermarket.chef.io' If I change http to https I get an ssl error.

This category is for the development of Chef itself, I’m moving this to the chef category.

ok I fixed the ssl error and the url now points correctly to https://supermarket.chef.io' but still I get the same error. Anything wrong with the documentation in chef tutorials?

ok I did berks install and then kitchen converge. Berks install installs the cookbooks from supermarket and converge applies the cookbook.