Scheduling a chef-client run

Is there a way to run chef-client based on some schedule of a time ?

Will push job be able to do scheduling ?

Yes, and there are several ways to do this. Check out the chef-client cookbook ( I can do all of this for you.

Suppose we need to perform patching based on some time given as Input by customer…so how can we store that time and based on that time the chef-client gets invoked?

Though it has the attributes but how and where to pass and set these values in a recipe to run as a cron jobs

How can i integrate this chef-client cookbook with my own cookbooks o patching so that the value we pass as a time is read and action is done accordingly.

I am using a data bag item to take the value from frontend and these values from databag item is being used in a recipe.
Now the data bag item has the value of time at which the chef-client should be invoked , that too should be done remotely means chef-client will be fired from workstation and not directly on node…through knife ssh command

The way I’ve done this is by getting the time to run the update from our ticketing system, so I used an API call to get that info, I suppose you could use a tag or attribute if you don’t go the API route. Then I used the the cron resource to set the schedule (time to patch) and a script that I copy over using the cookbook_file resource.

What you’re trying to do is very possible with Chef.