Search box on 404 page doesn't work

Via Freenode #chef, it was noted that the user experience is not great for people following links from Google to the old archives.

  1. Search on google for acl
  2. Follow a link, eg
  3. Re-enter search term in the “Search this site” box
  4. See empty Google results page for site: acl

The search widget in the top nav on works fine, but this isn’t available on the 404 page.

It’d be best if archive links could continue to work, but we should at least make it a little easier for people following them to find the content they were looking for.

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+1 I think it’s a great idea to make the archive links work correctly. I’m guessing this is doable since the migration was automated/scripted and there’s probably an available mapping of old URL to new URL somewhere.

We brought back in service read-only so existing links will continue to work while we figure out a better way to handle those existing links.