Should habitat packages build kernel modules?

Wanted to know the general community’s take on having habitat build kernel level things like modules (*.ko).

While habitat has helped us package/contain our applications, we have some hardware level things like kernel mods that we feel should be built and then we can just habitat to deploy them.

Being a kernel mod noob, does habitat support build these types of things? I saw core/linux-header but it doesn’t have the necessary bits to build kernels modules.

I’m not sure that this would make sense, as kernel modules would need to be built against your specific architecture and kernel version wouldn’t they? Habitat’s whole value prop in a way is isolating application-level things from those concerns, so my sense is you would face nothing but an uphill battle in using it there

Yes. I agree with that explanation. We went with a different route. There is some value in us being able to package all the instructions and source code into a hermetically sealed package. Even though we won’t ship the binary, we will be packing the source code and a script that upon hab pkg install we would be run the script so that we can indeed compile the kernel module and install it.

The reason for this is our servers don’t have access to the internet but would have normal access to our on-prem builder or it would just have the the exportable tarball sneakernet’d