[Solved] 403 forbbiden and missing update permission


I caught the ‘403 forddiden’ in the end of running chef-client and more messages like missing update permission with verbosed chef-client -l debug.

The problem is that when I checked chef manage against this node I didn’t find anything different from any other normal nodes.

I logged in chef-manage console, click node ==> select this node ==> permissions

users Read/update/delete are all checked.

So it’s quite weird, I also looked at the related logs, and got an concussion that in the end of chef-client running, chef-client would try to send HTTP PUT to chef-server but failed due to lacking of update permission.

chef-server: 12.15.8

Can you please give me a hint? According to https://docs.chef.io/errors.html, I also check all the permissions but it said ‘Error while saving’ and logs said’ client error … http_status =422’.

Gotcha, I don’t know what’s up when I use http post script and made the entire thing quite a mess.

I deleted the node/client, and used knife bootstrap. Everything is quite fine right now.