Spin up an AWS instance using Chef Solo

Hi Team,
Need help on Chef Solo.
Will Chef solo be able to create or spin or provision the AWS EC2 Instance using knife EC2 plugin??
If yes please provide any help. If No, then let me know why we are not able to do it.

Kiran Dasari

Chef-client, chef-solo, and the other tools all use ruby as a scripting language, so you can write cookbooks to do just about anything. What are you actually trying to achieve? Use chef-solo running on a designated server spin up servers and/or load balancers in response to a perceived need? Yes, that server or a designated AWS account managed for the chef application would need the privileges in AWS to perform such deployments.

It’s also possible to have an EC2 instance told to run, at boot time, a “set me up as a chef-solo node” tool. That’s a trick I’ve found very useful.

Hi ,
I was able to spin up a EC2 Instance by writing the chef recipe and ran using chef solo.