Supermarket Update - 23 May 2014

Ohai Chefs,

It has been a while since we have had an update on Supermarket and I wanted to
give you a quick status of where things stand.

We are looking to open Supermarket for a soft launch some time in the next few
weeks. We don’t have a hard date but are hoping to open the doors soon. This
soft opening will be a chance for everyone to take a tour of the new site with
all the data from the community site. (Psssst… In the meantime, you can play
with the staging site that has a bunch of sample data at Just so we are all on the same page,
the site at will continue to work as usual during
the soft opening. As we get closer, we will work on some blog posts about how
you can use tools like knife-supermarket[0] and the stove[1] gem during the
Supermarket soft opening along with more info around the new Contributor
License Agreement process.

Get Involved

One of our goals with the new community site has been to enable the community
to have a greater voice in the process and to be able to contribute to the site
in a meaningful way. We have appreciated the feedback on the wireframes, the
various issues that have been opened and the participation in the Gitter chat
room. Please keep the feedback coming!

But this is the community site, so, do you want to help be part of opening the
supermarket? There are a few places that we would love to see some help:

  • Some initial work towards a Berkshelf 3 Compatible API Endpoint.[2]
  • Feedback on the look and feel of the site related to navigation, etc.
  • General feedback on the process of signing the Contributor License Agreement.

Please check out the staging site at to
look around.

Come join the conversation and be part of making the community site something
that is awesome for the community.

  • Follow the Supermarket project on GitHub[3]
  • Track our progress on the Supermarket Trello Board[4]
  • Join the discussion in our Gitter room[5]
  • Join the mailing list for the Supermarket project[6]


— cwebber

Christopher Webber - @cwebber
Community Software Engineer - Chef