Announcing Supermarket

Ohai Chefs,

This year at the Chef Summit, we announced and open sourced Supermarket and we are inviting you to hack! Supermarket is Opscode’s new ICLA site and the framework for the new community and cookbook sharing application.

We built and demoed the ICLA functionality at Summit and are working closely to integrate supermarket into our systems to automate the existing contribution process. We are going to build the CCLA components next and then move on to developing the cookbook API. We are encouraging everyone in the community to start discussions and ideas about what the top features in the new community site should (or should not) be. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Suggest a feature and get buy-in from community members
Develop an algorithm or system for objective cookbook quality measures
Propose a process for subjective cookbook measurements
Request API endpoints you think should exist and why

Unfortunately you cannot yet use this site to sign the CLA that we require for you to contribute to this site, but your existing Opscode CLA does suffice (can you feel the irony?). BUT, we are not using JIRA, so everything (Pull Requests, Issues, Suggestions, and Code) is done through GitHub! And that’s just a sneak peek of some of the awesomeness you can expect soon :).

Seth Vargo
Solutions Engineer, Opscode