Supermarket - Where are cookbooks stored and can you change?

Question is: Where are the cookbooks stored in a private supermarket? Can you change the location to a different mount point?

The default location is /var/opt/supermarket/data. It is configurable via the data_directory key in /etc/supermarket/supermarket.json—which is often customized via a wrapper cookbook using the supermarket-omnibus-cookbook and setting node['supermarket_omnibus']['config']['data_directory']. Note that if you change this directory after a private Supermarket has had cookbooks uploaded, it is on you to relocate the existing cookbooks and preserve the original file permissions in the new location.

Thanks for the information. When you say wrapper you are talking about when I setup the private supermarket with the knife command from my workstation and creating the cookbook. I am not sure on the syntax for that. Are you saying use.

node.set[‘supermarket_omnibus’][‘config’][‘data_directory’] = ‘/data/supermarket/data’

I was however able to go into /etc/supermarket/
vi supermarket.rb and change the setting and rerun supermarket-ctl reconfigure and it seems to work.

Is there a reason to use a wrapper vs what I did? Still trying to figure all this out.

So you can install and manage it directly if you want to, but if you’re using Chef, why not have Chef manage your Supermarket configuration as well? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response. That is very true…