Testing cookbooks for macos M1

First post here.

I have been using chef for managing servers (linus) for some time, and writing cookbooks for bootstrapping development environments on local laptops (mostly windows). Now i am expanding to MacOs (M1) with brings a host of new issues that i could use a little help on.

How to test cookbooks specifically designed for macos with a M1 processer, normally i would try to use test kitchen, but is unable to find a driver that fits my purpose.
So is there anybody that are sitting on a new mac and are testing cookbooks design for the mac using kitchen ?

Normally i would use kitchen + vagrant + virtualbox: virtualbox is only working on x86 processors.
Then i have tried kitchen + vagrant + parallels: for that i need a vagrant box. But it seems parallels on new macs are using Apples owns virtuallization framework which does it a bit different.

So i think the best solution would be a kitchen driver for Apple virtualization framework. But cant find any reference to work being done on that.

So if anybody has a posible workaround i would be really happy ?