This week in core plans (2018/07/20 - 2018/07/26)

This week in Core Plans:
From: 2018/07/20
Until: 2018/07/26

Plan Version Stable Package Ident Builder Github
caddy, update v0.11.0 :star: core/caddy/v0.11.0/20180724163501 Link Link
cmake, changes 3.10.2 :star: core/cmake/3.10.2/20180723135952 Link Link
hugo, update 0.45 :star: core/hugo/0.45/20180723145939 Link Link
hugo, update 0.45.1 :star: core/hugo/0.45.1/20180726152008 Link Link
etcd, update v3.3.9 :star: core/etcd/v3.3.9/20180726003051 Link Link
node, update 10.7.0 :star: core/node/10.7.0/20180723184209 Link Link
node10, new 10.7.0 :star: core/node10/10.7.0/20180723184324 Link Link
packer, changes 1.2.5 core/packer/1.2.5/20180725152700 Link Link
php, update 7.2.7 :star: core/php/7.2.7/20180724165711 Link Link
protobuf, update 3.6.0 :star: core/protobuf/3.6.0/20180723220148 Link Link
protobuf2, new 2.6.1 :star: core/protobuf2/2.6.1/20180723220347 Link Link
rabbitmq, update 3.7.7 :star: core/rabbitmq/3.7.7/20180726001539 Link Link
rabbitmqadmin, update 3.7.7 :star: core/rabbitmqadmin/3.7.7/20180726143355 Link Link
scaffolding-chef, changes 0.1.0 :star: core/scaffolding-chef/0.1.0/20180725140931 Link Link
scaffolding-chef, update 0.1.1 :star: core/scaffolding-chef/0.1.1/20180726152153 Link Link
strace, update 4.23 :star: core/strace/4.23/20180725141600 Link Link
vault, update 0.10.4 :star: core/vault/0.10.4/20180726062743 Link Link

Thanks to PR committers, commenters and all contributors!

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